DC Food Scene: El Centro D.F. {brunch}

So here's the deal, if you're a fan of brunch + tapas + unlimited alcoholic drinks (aka if you're like, human) you're going to be obsessed with El Centro D.F. 

Price: $35 per person + unlimited alcoholic drinks. 

Side note: there's an a la carte option, but let's be real: you're at brunch and the drinks basically pay for themselves after your third bloody mary. 

When I went, we got there early (brunch starts at 10 a.m.). The seating was those bar-like high chairs + tables. They have an open-air style garage door that was open for people-watching. Mellow samba music played in the background and within 5 minutes, there was already a Bloody Maria (a Bloody Mary with tequila because when in Rome). 

Since we were the first people there, our waitress was more than happy to accommodate my vegan needs and basically started bringing me a vegan version of one of everything on the menu. And it. was. incredible. If you're vegan/vegetarian/paleo/whatever, don't hesitate to tell them. As long as you're not stopping by at peak brunch, they're usually more than happy to accommodate your needs. 

The food is definitely leaning heavier on the Mexican than TexMex side, which was obviously a huge plus. 

We stayed for just under three hours, at which point I promptly conked out in bed to nurse my ridiculous food baby. Scroll down for my favorite dishes, then check out the full brunch menu here

My food winners: 

Other winners: Fried plantains, churros + flautas. Honestly, though: Brunch at El Centro D.F. is lit. Get there early and they'll make the menu totally vegan for you. 

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