Bubbles + Bloggers {September 2016}

Last night, I went to a little something special called Bubbles & Bloggers. It's a monthly meetup of female bloggers in the District who are all dedicated to supporting one another and networking — and of course sharing some champs in the meantime. The group is amazing and brilliant — plus the night ended with rose gold balayge hair. 

First, a huge thank you is in order to Dani from Blonde In The District! She is the organizer (+founder) of these events and the night wouldn't have been as incredible without her. Plus, she excused herself from the phone when I came in and made sure I had a glass of champagne in my hand. Honestly, though, you need to check her out. And a second huge thank you goes out to Sarah of District Damsel who forwarded me the invite! I first learned of Bubbles & Bloggers from this Insta (side note, obsessed with the dress!). 

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For the September Bubbles & Bloggers, Dani hosted at Illusions of Georgetown — a fab little salon nestled on Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown. They even have an adorable patio outside with chairs, flowers + garden. But even better are their incredible stylists whom I had the pleasure of meeting! But I'll get to that. Anyways, our event also had a Stella + Dot pop-up upstairs, makeup demos + some fun hair services (wait for it).

Fun side story: I thought the stairs down led me to Stella + Dot, but no. They led to the basement that was empty and I walked back up trying to act chill. Oops. 


Now, about the rose gold hair.

I was standing in the salon, chatting to some of the bloggers and sippin' on bubbly when this bright-blue-shirted man walks up to me, places his hand on my arm and says "I want to put pink all over your hair." And honestly, I first thing I thought was "omg, I'll lose my job." But then Will (Mr. Blue-Shirt) explained that this was a shampoo color that washes out in about three shampoos. Psst: That's keyword for if you hate it, just rock a bun or a hat for a few days.  


Side note: Will is a miracle worker. I kept calling him an angel because I could not believe how amazing my hair turned out. He explained to me that since I have dark brown hair with a slight blonde balayge, it would stick to the blonde and make it a rose gold color. And who doesn't want rose gold tinted hair?!

It was easier than getting a blowout! They washed my hair, let it soak for twenty minutes (aka time to gossip with bloggers and check insta), and then Will went to work with his comb + blowdrier and worked his magic. But what did they put in my hair? SHAMPOO. Specifically, CelebLuxury Viral Pink Tinted Shampoo. Basically, it's a moisturizing shampoo that adds in temporary color to hair that sits on the blonde spectrum. You can use it multiple times in a row for an intensified color or every third wash (what Will recommended). 

Inspired to try something similar? Call Illusions of Georgetown and tell them you'd like to get a treatment with their Viral Colorwash. And if you don't leave in the DC-area, click here to use their salon locator! 

I'm going back in a month-ish to have it done with a gloss for more staying power. But until then, I have the shampoo. I'm pumped. Also, Celeb Luxury has an entire line of Viral Colors to try out too. Some of the other bloggers experimented with hot pink strips, pale blue and bright purple. 

The evening ended with hugs and promises to get together soon — so that we can brunch and take photos of the food. Honestly, though. 

Happy Weekend! Let me know below what you think of my subtle rose gold and if you're going to try the same!