DC Food Scene: Chart House {Happy Hour}

TL;DR: $5 cocktails, $6 martinis + appetizers that are all $4-$6. Plus, The Chart House is nice enough that you feel fancy, but also chill enough that you can show up in flip flops and a dress and feel like you fit in. The bar atmosphere definitely outweighs the rest of the restaurant. 

ICYMI: I spent last weekend in Old Town Alexandria playing host to some friends traveling up from Richmond! We had a great time, and  we’re IHG Spire Elite members — a hotel + travel rewards program that literally everyone should be joining — so we were bumped up to a beautiful suite overlooking the Potomac River and National Harbor on the other side of the water. 

But it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that our friends made it to us! So we took the extra time alone to explore some restaurants and specials that we’ve never experienced in Old Town Alexandria.

And on Friday, I suggested we try the happy hour at The Chart House.

For those unfamiliar, The Chart House is a slightly-swank seafood-centric restaurant that sits on the water. The entire restaurant is a large, open plan with floor to ceiling windows that allow natural light to flood the entire restaurant. There’s a short order kitchen nestled nicely next to the bar, which I loved. For me, there’s something incredibly comforting about being able to see food cooked in front of me.

So back to happy hour.

We sat down and decided to try a pomegranate martini and a mango mojito. The bartender recommended martini to both of us, but I declined after a bad incident with a hive flare up on my face. In a nutshell, I think I'm allergic to pomegranate syrup? 

The true winner, though, was their food.

Maxim ordered the prime rib sliders and was so impressed, he contemplated ordering a second set to bring back to the room.

I ordered skinny fries with truffle oil. They were served in a paper cone and were mixed together with sweet potato chips + plantain chips. Yes, not the healthiest meal to be having, but it was so delicious. I loved that they had a mix of other things with them, too. It was the perfect "It's Friday, let's start the weekend already" treat. Also, if you’ve never had proper truffle oil fries, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re more of a cook-at-home person, then order a small bottle of it on Amazon (I use this one) and use it in literally EVERYTHING. 

Psst. Need a slightly healthy idea? Massage it into a giant bowl of kale + chopped carrots. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on top. Place it all on a baking sheet and stick in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. #noms

Looking for their happy hour menu? Click here.