wine wednesday {Bernabei Chianti Colli Particella 8}


Read me first: So part of Honestly, Though is a weekly Wine Wednesday review for you guys. Usually, I'll be picking a cheap-ish wine from Trader Joes, Target, etc., but this week we had leftover bottles from Virgin Wines — low-key the best wine subscription ever — and I really wanted to drink this Italian bottle we'd had. Problem is, I'm not a sommelier. Despite my deep love of red wine and touring vineyards for college credit, I still don't know what bottle should go with my leftover Mexican food versus my leftover Thai food. 


Because we've been graced with Marnie Old. That's why. And she IS a sommelier. She also just so happens to be the woman behind the amazingly awesome book, Wine: A Tasting Course. And it is with those charts + bright illustrations that I will bring you my weekly Wine Wednesdays. So here's the way that it'll work: I'll post a link to the bottle, the best place to find it, my tasting thoughts and then one or two DYK facts from Wine: A Tasting Course.

And together, we'll become wine experts each Wednesday. 

Bottle: Edizione Limitata Particella 9 Numero 007

Country: Chianti, Italy 

What is it: Chianti Blend {red}

A Chianti blend is a blend of grapes from the {obviously} Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy. It used to include white grapes, but it has now been banned for all "purist" Chianti blends. But let's be real, a red wine blend always sounds like a good idea. 

Year: 2011 

Where to find it: Virgin Wines...Tuscany, Italy. Look for similar blends in Total Wine & MoreTarget or Whole Foods.

Price Range: $22-30 

What I ate with it: Mexican leftovers and dark sea salt chocolate. 

Thoughts: Definitely a dry wine, but on the smoother side. There are earthy undertones with a fruity smell, and it was definitely lower on the acidity scale, which was nice. It did well after being left to breathe for a while too. It was recommended that I drink this with steak or a meaty Italian dish, which is cool except that I'm vegan. So I went the twentysomething route and ate it with rice, black beans, salsa and peppers. But honestly, though the dark chocolate went perfectly with the wine. It also went superbly well with mushrooms that I ate raw. 


When thinking about how to match your food with wine, try and match the color intensity. Foods that are darker (lamb, chocolate) will usually go better with a dark, red wine. Similarly, lighter foods like cheese will go better with a white wine.  

{Honestly, though this wine is great with dark chocolate and smooth enough to have on its own if you've had a rough day. Buy it if you're having an Italian night.}