DC Food Scene: Bar Taco


BarTaco is a place of dreams and endless guacamole and giant chips. It's also pricey-ish if you eat a lot of tacos + drink like four cocktails. Frequent flyers + people who do hand-written reviews get special TACO TOKENS.

$2.50-3.50 per taco | $9 Large guac for table 


I hope that you've all been feasting on tacos (both crunchy + soft shelled) all day. I love tacos, like LOVE tacos. I mean, I'm Mexican and my grandmother (Lita) does make the world's most amazing guac + tacos, but that's another story. 

Anyways, in honor of one of the greatest random holidays ever, I'm bringing you guys the review of BarTaco! The caveat being the BarTaco is ONLY located in Reston Town Center (think end of the silver line). I promise, though, that they're worth the haul. Just get through this post, and TRY to tell me that you're not hungry. 

When I first learned about BarTaco, I was at a company happy hour, and I was super awkward and didn't eat anything. I just had a cocktail and a half to loosen my nerves, then chomped on, like, half a chip. Since then, though, I've learned the art that is going to BarTaco. 

First off, the restaurant will stand out to you before you even enter the building. Why? Because unless you live by the beach (hate you), there aren't many eating establishments with a full-on white wood panel gazebo. And waiters that dress strictly in white pants + blue plaid flannel. 

Everyone gets little trays to eat their tacos off of because you order off of one giant sheet. It's like those little putt-putt tally cards (and yes, there are even mini pencils!) There are also folded menus of their drinks + tequila selection. 

Disclaimer: It's loud. Like super loud. I remember I was catching up with my friend over drinks at BarTaco and it was so loud that we ended up just snapping each other our conversation. Don't NOT eat their food, though. So if you're not into speaking really loudly, get a seat outside or order the food to-go.

Psst: if you need to see the menu before you venture into what can only be described at the pinnacle of taco eateries, click here

So how does this all work, you ask? Think of it like taco tapas. Is that a thing? I googled taco tapas, and whomever does the SEO for Babalu Tacos & Tapas deserves a goddamn raise because the ENTIRE first page of Google is dominated by their content (see for yourselves).


Now, let's talk taco tapa game plan. 

Go in with an empty stomach. Like, I just ran 5 miles then lifted + didn't eat breakfast empty stomach. Start off with the large guacamole and la ruleta (a spicy, but simple margarita). If you're not into spicy, get la sanguina or their classic marg. 

But like I said, this is taco TAPAS. I'd recommend ordering a few tacos then going in for round two, three and four (don't judge me). 

Gluten-free, chicas?

GET HYPED. The woman I talked to explained that the menu is "reverse gluten-free" in that almost everything (include the chips + tortillas) are gluten-free, and stuff that isn't is marked. 

Side note: Their chips are like GIANT. They're served on a communal tray and the thought is that you break off pieces to dip into your guac or salsa or hot sauce. 


- portobello taco without queso

- cauliflower taco 

- falafel taco without tzatziki 

- guacamole for the table (because obviously) 

- black bean salad (I mean, literally just sprinkle this on top of everything) 

- cucumber salad 👉 add this to your portobello + falafel tacos 

- SECRET TACO (right now, it's the fried avocado and omg it's amazing) 

But Phoebe, I don't want to eat vegan all the time. You are in luck, because my trusty fiance has filled in that blogging void for you. 


- baja fish taco (duh) 

- duck taco ("this one is the best + super unique" - maxim)

- chorizo "the zesty" taco 

- fresh pineapple (pineapple is best, tbh) 

- grilled corn 

- plantains 


Well then, friends, you are in luck. Bartaco's bottles of spicy goodness come in three types of intensity: Jalapeño, Roja + Habañero. I'd recommend starting with a little bit of each then working yourself up to Phoebe-level, because if you did what I do, your food would be a 2:1 ratio of guacamole to hot sauce. 

They also have happy hour from like 5-6:30 p.m. and it's awesome. But that I'll save for another time.

All I can say is that if you like tacos + are willing to drive out to Reston Town Center, then prepare yourselves for the best experience ever. Please go and experience their tacos. It is a journey that you will not want to venture back from, fellow foodies. Honestly, though.

Have you been? Are you as obsessed with me? Let me know in the comments ✨