weekend reads {oct 22&23}

Hello and happy weekend, people! Just popping by to give you guys some of my favorite reads from the week! Whether you're reading this Friday night, Saturday mid-day or Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, here's hoping you enjoy!  

As always, weekend reads are a smorgasbord of articles that have piqued my interest someway or another. If you're more interest in reading books. check out my blogger-friend Smartifical Sweetner. She also just got married! 


So remember that 90s-tastic solo cup design? The internet blew up recently trying to find the designer. 

And can you imagine what it would be like to have the FBI mismatch your face with that of a wanted man? Spoiler: it sucks a ton

You know what would suck more? A tie in Pennsylvania on Nov 8. Find out why.  

Speaking of politics, Vox pulled together a bunch of linguists and had them explain why Donald Trump's speeches are so awful. Spoiler: They make sense to some people. 

Oh, and the Czech Republic is no longer a thing. It was almost Bohemia, which I could have totally gotten behind. Honestly, though. 

But if you're feeling a bit down after a week of crazy news, just click here to learn about an emotional support DUCK that recently flew for the first time. 

And finally, the heartwarming reason that humans sleep together. 

That's it for now! 

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