weekend roundup: memorial day weekend

photo by Bruce Allen

photo by Bruce Allen

Hi babes, I'm writing this little post (my first in a while) while on my way to SouCycle. It's been a tough couple of weeks with work and my personal/blogging life has been literally non-existent. BUT, I'm back and there's nothing better to kick your butt into high gear like cycle, smoothies + memorial day weekend. honestly, though. 

xx phoebe

w h a t  t o  d o

  • Attend the Memorial Day Parade downtown on Saturday. But watch out for the massive street closures. [Downtown] 
  • Memorial Day Brunch at El Centro.  [14th Street location is best]
  • Kick off the summer (and more rain) at Hawthorne on Sunday-Monday. [U Street]
  • If you happen to have 1920s garb just lying around, snag a ticket to the Great Gatsby lawn party happening Saturday. [National Cathedral] 
  • Fifth Harmony is performing at Wolf Trap (?!) on Saturday. [Vienna, VA]
  • Jack Rose is officiallllly launching their Game of Thrones themed ale this weekend. [Dupont] 
  • The Memorial Day Concert on Sunday has tons of locations to watch + related, fun activities. [Downtown]
  • With the day off on Monday, indulge yourself at an all-day cookout at Big Chief. [Ivy City]
  • Sunday evening, check out the Pink & White Party at the W Hotel. [Downtown]

b l o g g e r s

I did not put together a list of Memorial Day Sales at all, but a bunch of bloggers did! So check them out and shop 'til you drop

i n  t h e  k n o w

  • Starbucks has finally learned how to actually make iced coffee: WITH COFFEE ICE. [DCist]
  • Washingtonians are more likely to search for a shrugging gif than other U.S. cities. [DCist]
  • Check out all of the semifinalists in Eater's Young Guns contest - a search for the best talent in the food + drink biz. [Eater]
  • Check out this hilarious explanation of the Comey firing situations. [Washington Post]
  • President Trump straight-up PUSHED a prime minister out of the way. And I'm horrified to even be typing this. [CNN]
  • But Pope Francis put Donald back in place + gifted him his 2015 letter on climate change. I wish I was that savage. [Reuters]
  • According to SCIENCE, this is how to feel less stressed. Hint: Laughing helps. [Greatist]

l o n g  f o r m

  • Published in 2012, but still relevant AF: A long profile on Mark Zuckerberg having to, you know, be an adult + a CEO. [NYMag]
  • The world of indoor farming and the startup behind its business model, Plenty. [Fast Company]


weekend roundup: may 13 + 14

weekend roundup: may 13 + 14

I'm still recovering from last weekend's bachelorette party -- honestly, though. It was so much fun + I can't wait to share with you what it was like to attend my FIRST bachelorette + my personal tips for any that you attend. But in the meantime, I'm crawling out of bed to give you guys some weekend reads. 

And ICYMI: that Spirit Airlines brawl? I WAS THERE. And my flight was delayed for HOURS, so I didn't get home until a few hours before having to GET UP for work. Not an excuse, but rather...yeah...it's an excuse, but I don't feel sorry for myself. I've been cooking up tons + tons of awesome content for you babes! 

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make your shoes do double duty with these picks for EVERY budget

photo by bruce allen // loving my shoes? they're from HUSHPUPPIES. 

photo by bruce allen // loving my shoes? they're from HUSHPUPPIES. 

The summers are literally SO tricky for work wear. It's scorching outside and you literally want to take everything off. I personally would prefer to be answering emails poolside with a nice piña colada instead of sitting in a freezing cubicle with artificial lighting. 


This is the world we live in. And so while we can't be real housesives, at least we can enjoy our footwear right, ladies? I compiled a little list of literally every shoe on the market that I'm obsessed with. There's a shoe in there to work for every board room, every buttoned-up work place + every laid-back startup. They can work for the power lunch with your boss + happy hour margs after.

Found a pair that you're in love with?! Let me know below. 





This post is sponsored by the engineer, Annie. 

rompers + jumpsuits for every occasion


pssssst: Look for that link to sign up for Book Of The Month Club? Click me!! 

I have an aggressive obsession with rompers and jumpsuits.

I love, love, love being able to have my outfit be one-piece, but also enjoy the beauty of being able to sit-down, cross my legs, walk in the wind, etc., without the fear of my seamless panties making their international debut. I also have a weird thing about dresses + kind of hate wearing them, but I still love something that's one-piece. 

If you don’t understand this feeling, idk what to tell you, but you probs shouldn’t continue reading. 

photo by dennis turbeville // click

photo by dennis turbeville // click

BUT if you’re still here, hi.

I’m glad we’re on the same page. I have really long legs + a short torso, and so traditionally, I hated jumpsuits + rompers because they were always, like, synched at the waist in a super weird way and grrrr. Recently, though, brands have started shifting towards more structured looks that are straight through the torso + give little petite — but long-legged — girls in this world hope. 


photo by dennis turbeville 

photo by dennis turbeville 

photo be dennis turbeville 

photo be dennis turbeville 

My obsession is strong, so, so, very strong. I really believe that there is a jumpsuit + romper out there for EVERYONE and for every single occasion. You can dress is up for a wedding or a club. Add a blazer to a jumpsuit and BAM, work wear. Slap some fuckin' plastic gems to your face, braid you hair + WHAM-O, festival look. Like, do you see what I mean? They're so versatile + I literally spend an embarrassing amount of time bookmarking all of them that I want. #TheStruggle

SO, I’ve compiled a HUGE collection of jumpsuits + rompers that you can wear for literally ANY occasion. They’re all affordable,all amazing + I can bet you anything that I will be doing a "I wore a jumpsuit/romper everyday for a month" post ASAP. But, honestly, though.

Oh, and btw: The romper I'm wearing in this post was from OLD NAVY. I'm wearing an XS + it's like $17 right now

prints + florals 

Off-the-shoulder + one-shoulder

boardroom safe { with a blazer } 

Shop ALLLLL the rompers + jumsuits

easy styling for a weekend romper

My go-to style for a weekend casual (aka not weekend NIGHT) romper or jumpsuit is to pair it with slides, a choker + a brimmed hat. Though, I'd totes rock a faux suede ball cap as well. 


If the sun is out and I'm wearing a romper, I'll stay away from heels + instead opt for easy slides and sneakers. I read about all of these fashion editors totally swearing off of heels with shorts during the day. And when you think about it, it kind of makes sense -- and it looks kind of...well...not my style :). 

Anyways, I like to keep it easy, breezy in the summer heat so don't try to wear too much else. If I'm going somewhere that I know it's going to be chilly, I'll usually bring an oversized denim jacket or a giant, slouchy sweater (because #comfy). 


psst: find more rompers here. 

shop the outfit //

essential leather jackets + embroidered tees

So lately I’ve been alllll about the embroidered tee. As casual + laid back my style is, this trend totally fits into my outfits perfectly. PLUS — it gives my outfits just a hint of femininity. 

I love stories behind go-to style pieces. There’s something so…comforting? attractive? intriguing…about knowing that what you’re wearing is attached to a special time in your life. It’s a conversation starter every time someone comments on it. 

I recently asked you guys on Instagram to let me know the stories behind your favorite leather jacket {and if you haven’t, comment below so I can read it}.

So here’s the story behind my FAVORITE black {faux} leather jacket: 

I was flying to San Francisco so that I could do THE road trip: Driving from SF to LA along the PCH. The roadtrip where you follow the ocean all the way along the coast. You lose cell signal through Big Sur, and watch sea lions basking on the beach, and see the Santa Monica pier in the distance after driving through the valley and Calabasas.

I was meeting Maxim in SF, and we were staying the night in some hotel that I’d found on Hotel Tonight. I had planned out random stops along our way down so that we could experience the full Cali road trip. 

WELL, I thought to myself, I can NOT go to SoCal without a token black leather jacket. Here’s the boring part: I went to the mall and bought the first one that I liked. It was on the sale rack at Zara and was a little stiff + I wasn’t even that in love with it. But I bought it, along with, like, five basic white tanks.

I had my suitcase in the car and literally went to the airport from there, wearing this new, not-so-amazing leather jacket.

But over the next 10 days, I wore it non-stop. I wore it when we staying in an epic, overly colorful hotel in San Fran. I wore it when we drove down the PCH and stopped in Big Sur for veggie burgers and fries. I wore it when we drove into West Hollywood on a whim and booked an overly expensive hotel because the view was better than anything. I wore it when we went to a random Indian place in Hollywood + had the best Chana Masala of ours lives. And I wore it during long walks through Ventura County and along the beach. It was the best trip — and by the end, I was in love with this jacket. It had been broken in and had a fleeting smell of chocolate edibles + too much tequila + sea salt. And I loved every bit of it. 


shirt {ONLY $13!}

And now, here we are.

Me and my token leather jacket + black jeans + an embroidered tee that just WORKS. So, like I said, if you have a story about your go-to jacket — or anything else for that matter — let me know in the comments below. 

And if you haven’t found that perfect jacket yet, check out some of my go-tos (and kind of the ones I want to add to my collection) below. 

xx phoebe // honestly, though 

shop • click • buy

weekend reads {april 8&9}

Well hello and happy weekend! I've had a ridiculously crazy week. At work, I was helping on the backend for social media at a HUGE conference. It was tiring, but so much fun — and then one of our VPs got an entire conference room to do a zombie selfie, and I just about died.

#ProudParentMoment. Anyways, I also got BOTOX on Wednesday, walked the runway at ESL on Thursday, and promptly chowed down on homemade vegan fried rice on Friday! Look for updates on allll of that soon. 

But in the meantime, happy weekend babesies. Let me know what you're doing + reading in the comments below! 


Sarah talks about puppies and why animal rescue is so near and dear to her heart. [DistrictDamsel]

The coolest girls in the working world put together some go-to office wear. [Career Girl Daily]

Pam talks embroidery and what pieces to rock. [The Girl From Panama]

Meaghan straight-up found the coolest weekend duffel ever. [District Sparkle]

...and these are quite possibly the best tie-back tops to complete your spring wardrobe. [Thrifts and Threads]

in the know 

Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets and I'm dying. [Twitter]

It's official: North Shaw is the most hipster neighborhood in the District. [Travel + Leisure]

Yes, you can now buy Unicorn Tears that'll get you drunk, you basic bitches. [BetchesLoveThis]

Anthony Bourdain was broke...for a large majority of his life. [WealthSimple]

Merriam-Webster is correcting Donald Trump — and it's amazing. [WashingtonPost]

If you haven't listened to S-Town yet, clear your scheduled for a day and binge the seven, incredible, mysterious, addicting episodes. [STown]

And if you need more reason to listen to it, consider the FOMO. [NYTimes]

long form 

The story behind the story of Cien Años de Soledad. [Vanity Fair]. p.s. If you haven't read the book, DO IT. If you can read in Spanish, read the original. 

Erin Condren baaaasically is the queen of planners

TL;DR: I was obsessed with Erin Condren planners before they were a thing, and now I'm STILL obsessed. The ENTIRE line celebrates every day + organization, and honestly, though, makes you feel accomplished just for writing down your schedule.

Scroll to the bottom if you want a discount code. 

If you haven't heard of Erin Condren before, then here's your chance to catch up with the rest of the world. Because Erin Condren straight-up revolutionized the planner industry IMHO. 

The online boutique started in 2005 and Erin Condren herself sold her paper-stuff HANDMADE — like, Etsy before Etsy was a thing. It was a paper company, but the brand + woman are famous for their Erin Condren LifePlanners™, spiral-bound notebooks that swear to keep you organized, positive + give you the freedom to customize your life however you want — all year long. 

I remember in the final years of high school, I bought one and immediately knew that my life had changed.And year after year, I've always returned.


Anyways, a few weeks ago, I headed downtown to see some of the latest + greatest products from Erin Condren — and I'm in love! They've jumped on the pin trend, and I'm now forever rocking this "stay gold" pin. And expanding beyond planners, Erin Condren has a whole line of stickers, notepads, clutches + more. 

Like Lilly Pulitzer, Erin Condren can be very, er, colorful + preppy. But, unlike many preppy brands, Erin Condren has expanded their brand to be something that every girl can embrace. 

From a marble + palm tree loving chick like me to a floral loving, J.Crew wearing girl like The College Prepster, there's something for everyone.


One of my favorite things about the Erin Condren LifePlanner is how easy it is to customize them to make them yours. The actual planner comes with tons of mini flags + stickers. As for their giant sticker collection, I'm LOVING these + these because they're perfect little flags for reminders each week. 

I absolutely love being able to customize my planner however I like, including changing my covers depending on the season. YES, allllll of the planners have personalized, INTERCHANGABLE covers! Currently, I have the millennial pink marble cover. But I also ordered a palm leaf + pineapple one because #SummerVibes.  

Something else I love is the notes sections within each week (#VerticalLife). It's a little place for me to add my to-dos and reminders...and groceries...

Honestly, though, one of my absolutely favorite things about Erin Condren is that I don't feel excluded from the planner world just because I'm more into palm trees + marble than gingham and J.Crew preppy. There really is something for everyone.

Anyways, I'll stop gushing over them. If you follow my Snap + Instastories, I'm sure you've seen me freaking out about them enough already. So now it's your turn! Get 15% off your own planner or accessories with code: GETSOCIAL15.

And honestly, though, if you don't get a planner you HAVE to get the notepads or pins. 


This post is sponsored by Erin Condren.