weekend round-up {august 4-6}

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

w e e k e n d  t h i n g s

w h a t  t o  d o

b l o g g e r  s c e n e

t h i s  a n d  t h a t s

i n  t h e  k n o w

l o n g - f o r m   

  • If you're a woman in the workplace, you'll want to read this. 

what I eat in a week {july 31 - august 4}

You guys often ask me what I actually eat in a day or week. And, in truth, what I eat totally varies depending on my schedule + life + craziness. Sometimes I eat three square meals, and sometimes I have 6 mini meals. For myself, but also for you, I take random weeks to share what I eat when. This is one of those weeks! 

This post is updated daily. Let me know what you think below! 


m o n d a y

8 a.m. | Okay, I am very hungover. I went to the Rammy's last night and I'm pretty sure I sampled every drink that they were offering. My head is  p o u n d i n g  and I need to get ready for work. I chug some coffee and get ready. By the time I'm in the office, I'm already googling hangover cures. 

10:10 a.m. | My 10 a.m. meeting is cut super short (thank goodness) and I drag myself into the office's kitchen where there are breakfast potatoes. Greasy, carb-y and — IMHO — the perfect hangover cure. I add a dollop of hot sauce + make myself a big cup of coffee (p.s. this is the creamer I use), then I slowly eat while working on some data entry. I'm hoping I start feeling better. 

1:30 p.m. | I've been totes slumped in my chair all day trying to be productive and useful. I walk over to the kitchen to grab my lunch out of the fridge. It's the leftovers of a sweetgreen salad (think: beets, shredded kale, rice, corn, spinach, sprouts) topped with beyond meat chicken strips. I add a big 'ol spoonful of Hope avocado hummus + hot sauce. I add hummus + hot sauce to literally everything I eat, so no surprise here. It's delicious and super curative considering I can still feel the alcohol from last night. 

3:30 p.m. | I'm feeling  a l i v e  again. I pull out a little bag of champagne gummy bears to enjoy. My snack drawer is majorly running low and I browse ThriveMarket + Amazon for some new items. My fave picks? This vegan jerky, skinny pop + chocolate espresso beans. I'm always looking for "low-mess" snacks that are easy to eat + have a low crunch factor. My team is always very quiet during the day. 

5 p.m. | I walk home and Maxi helps me collect a TON of packages from the front. As we get back into the apartment, we discuss what to do for dinner. We need to drop by my parents house ands say goodbye to my Lita and we want to get part of the way there before eating. We settle for True Food Kitchen (grandmother in Spanish is abuelita, but when I was a kid all I could say was "lita" and it stuck).

6:40 p.m. | We sit at the outdoor bar at True Food and talk with the bartenders + see my friend Amanda (hey girl). Maxi orders the "Hangover Rx" juice and I stick with water – still feeling rough. He orders the turkey burger with sweet potato hash (obvs I steal some) + kale caesar salad. I go with the seasonal salad (no cheese, add tofu) and we get a big cup of hot sauce on the side. It's exactly what I needed for a good dinner. 

7:15 p.m. | Before heading out to my parents, we drop by Mom's to pick up a new bottle of red wine, watermelon water, popcornsiete chips. I may have eaten one or two on the way to visit Lita. 

9:30 p.m. | We're back home and quickly change into jammies to watch the latest GoT episode. I have a little bit of popcorn + wine because duh. 

11 p.m. | I drink a glass of water before dead because I'm 100% dehydrated all the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

t u e s d a y

5:43 a.m. | I wake up late and miss my spin class. I make a small cup of coffee (this creamer); we grind our beans fresh, but I don't want to wake up Maxim, so I use the small amount of grounds we already have, and head back to bed to get some work done. 

8:30 a.m. | I eat a few bites of baby potatoes that I'd seasoned + roasted last week. I need something in my stomach so I can take my vitamins + acne meds. I'm trying out this vitamin company that curates these daily vitamin packs just for you. Idk if it's doing anything, but I know I need more Omegas + B-12, so I'm super happy to try it out. I wash it down with leftover wine from last night (eh). 

9:55 a.m. | coffee with this creamer + a graze box. It's the "peachy orchard" one wih rhubarb + pear. It's apparently only 110 calories and has tons of fiber, but tbh it's not great and I throw out about half of it. 

1:16 p.m. | I have my Daily Harvest Restore soup — it comes frozen in a cup and you just add water and heat. It's super healthy + super easy. I added in chickpeas and fresh tomatoes and hot sauce. {code phoebe for 3 free soups/smoothies

4 p.m. | I eat some siete chips + a bit of treeline cheese with it. Idk what's wrong with my body, but I'm v hungry and I don't want my stomach to growl in my meeting. I opt to call in so no one hears my stomach growling (lol, but also mortifying). 

6-ish | I'm working and totally forget that I have spin class. I rush to get ready and make myself black coffee to take with me to give me some energy in class. I'm hoping that I make it to spin class on time (traffic sucks).

7:10 p.m. | Make it to spin + S W E A T  it out. ICYMI: I'm a die-hard fan of spin class. If you're a Washingtonian, I swear by Zengo (first class is FREE). 

8:20 p.m. | I walk to Mom's Market before driving home to grab sushi. I eat some a few pieces (veggie rolls with sweaweed, avocado, carrots, cucumber) on my drive home because I'm sooo hungry. 

9:30 p.m. | I'm showered and working with Last Week Tonight on in the background. I wasn't into the sushi so I munch on "Phoebe Trail Mix" (popcorn, mini chocolate chips, raisins, pretzels) + drink red wine — it's a really bad habit to eat late at night, but whatever. 

12:45 a.m. | I drink a glass of water because #hydration. 


w e d n e s d a y

8 a.m. | Coffee mixed with La Colombe Draft Latte. ICYMI: They just came out with two vegan flavors and I'm straight-up hooked. 

11 a.m. | Big handful of almonds + vegan jerky + another big cup of coffee. I'm feeling super out of it today, so I'm trying to kick my brain into action. 

1:30 p.m. | sweetgreen salad (create your own) with a lot of the new season ingredients. I eat half and save the rest for lunch tomorrow. I fill up my water bottle and add a big scoop of Calm powder. 

6 p.m. | I munch on popcorn + drink wine while I finish my Padi certification. Getting my dive certification has been a big thing for me lately, since I'm doing an 80ft dive in November + I want to feel comfortable before then. 

8 p.m. | I'm not super hungry, but I eat a few pieces of sushi while working. 

t h u r s d a y

6:10 a.m. | I wake up late and miss my cycle class. I know, I know. The struggle is real, you guys. Don't judge. I head to my apartment's gym to do a quick circuit to get a little sweat going instead. 

7:15 a.m. | I make myself a big cup of coffee to drink while I'm in the shower. I promise you, it's normal. It's called multitasking. I wash my hair and let it air dry — is wet hair work approps? 

8:30 | I make a smoothie to take with me into the office. I'm currently obsessed with Daily Harvest — their smoothies come in these cups where you just add a liquid of your choice, blend + then pour back in. PLUS, their caps have a little straw hole. And honestly, though, they're LIFESAVERS (and Gwyneth approves). 

use code " phoebe " to get 3 free smoothies/soups/etc. 

11:10 a.m. | I grab a BIG handful of wasabi peas. I love easy, crunchy snacks but suddenly feel conflicted about the nutritional value of wasabi peas. I take to the internet + Twitter, concluding that they're healthy enough. They're better than potato chips or soda.

2:15 p.m. | I eat my salad — it's a big mix of shredded kale, beyond meat chicken strips, corn, carrots, cucumbers + wild rice. I add in extra hot sauce. I finish the entire thing in 5 minutes — I'm starving and feel full in a really good way. 

3 p.m. | I fill up my water bottle and remember I need to take my daily vitamins. Are you supposed to take them at the same time every day? 

4:30 p.m. | About to start another meeting and I make myself another big cup of coffee to get me through. 

8:15 p.m. | Finally done with all my work and I use leftover roasted potatoes to whip up a quick veggie-filled potato salad with carrots, local tomatoes, arugula + hot sauce. 

f r i d a y

5:10 a.m. | I'm up and groggy for 6 a.m. cycle. My biggest trick for getting myself up is sleeping my outfit so I can literally roll out of bed. I grab some socks and go downstairs to drive over. There's old coffee in the car that I sip (in my head it's giving me energy). 

7 a.m. | After class, I always feel so powerful + strong. On the drive home, I make sure to finish my bottle of water since it's likely I won't drink much more water for the rest of the day. Honestly, though, I suck at being hydrated. 

8:15 a.m. | I'm not hungry yet, but I know I will be soon. I grab a pack of dried edamame and a La Colombe Draft Latte and head to the office. I mix my latte with fresh, black coffee. 

11 a.m. | At work I'm prepping a group of interns to be on camera live for an hour and deff need an extra cup of coffee. But I opt for hot tea instead since I feel jittery from the early morning caffeine. 

2 p.m. | Maxim calls to tell me that, if I want it, he's picked up &pizza for us. I'm ecstatic and obviously say yes — who denies themselves pizza on a Friday? I nip home to eat a slice or two then come back to finish up the day. 

5:30 p.m. | I leave the office and head home — pizza still on my mind. We contemplate going out, but we need to be up uber early in the morning for our weekend road trip. Instead, we opt for leftover pizza, red wine + packing. 


r e c a p : the rammys 2017

ICYMI, Sunday was the annual Rammys gala – also known as DC Food Prom. It's basically a huge night for everyone in the DC food scene where all the girls are rocking Rent The Runway gowns and we all eat/drink the best of the best . During the RAMW award ceremony, chefs, teams + restaurants accept awards for best casual brunch, rising culinary star, etc. And then we all go party! 

I attended this year with my friend + incredible photographer, Fanette – check out her work here. BUT more importantly, we ate, drank and danced our way to Monday just to be able to bring you the news of where you need to be eating + drinking because this is where everyone is going. It's the best of the best. 

Scroll down for the winners (bolded) + nominees and then pick a few to try this weekend. Which of these restaurants have you been to? What's your favorite? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

xx phoebe // honestly, though 

a l l  o f  t h e  w i n n e r s + n o m i n e e s

aka go and check these places + people out ASAP. Click here to learn more about how noms were made. 

New Restaurant of the Year

  • All-Purpose Pizzeria
  • Hazel
  • Kōbō
  • Requin
  • Whaley’s

Formal Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year

  • Fiola Mare
  • minibar by José Andrés
  • The Source by Wolfgang Puck
  • Sushi Taro
  • Trummer's on Main

Upscale Casual Restaurant of the Year

  • Central Michel Richard
  • Indique
  • Iron Gate
  • Proof
  • Red Hen

Casual Restaurant of the Year

  • Compass Rose
  • Daikaya
  • The Daily Dish
  • Duke’s Grocery
  • Mandu

Chef of the Year

  • Amy Brandwein, Centrolina
  • Erik Bruner-Yang, Maketto, Paper Horse
  • Austin Fausett, Proof
  • Katsuya Fukushima, Bantam King, Daikaya, Haikan
  • Tarver King, The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm

Pastry Chef of the Year

  • Mollie Bird, Kyirisan
  • Jemil Gadea, Masseria
  • Tiffany MacIsaac, Buttercream Bakeshop
  • Brandon Malzahn, Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants
  • Erin Reed, Blue Duck Tavern

Rising Culinary Star of the Year

  • Sasha Felikson, Doi Moi
  • Ryan Ratino, Ripple
  • Miranda Rosenfelt, Sally's Middle Name
  • Rob Rubba, Hazel
  • Piter & Handry Tjan, Kōbō, Sushiko

Wine Program of the Year

  • Bourbon Steak
  • Charlie Palmer Steak
  • Doi Moi
  • Fiola
  • minibar by José Andrés

Cocktail Program of the Year

  • barmini by José Andrés
  • Kapnos
  • Indique
  • Iron Gate
  • The Royal

Beer Program of the Year

  • B Side
  • District Commons
  • Jack Rose Dining Saloon
  • Republic
  • Roofers Union

Service Program of the Year

  • Bombay Club
  • minibar by José Andrés
  • Ripple
  • Ris
  • The Source by Wolfgang Puck

Restaurateur of the Year

  • Katsuya Fukushima, Yama Jewayni and Daisuke Utagawa for The Daikaya Group (Daikaya, Haikan, Bantam King)
  • Ari Gejdenson, Mindful Restaurants Group
  • Ike Grigoropoulos, Dimitri Moshovitis, Ted Xenochristos, Brett Schulman, Cava Group, Inc.
  • Jason and Max Kuller, Fat Baby, Inc.
  • Jamie Leeds, JL Restaurant Group

Regional Food and Beverage Producer of the Year

  • Atlas Brew Works
  • DC Brau Brewing Company
  • Logan Sausage
  • New Columbia Distillers
  • Right Proper Brewing Company

Manager of the Year

  • Julio Amador, Cork Wine Bar
  • Christine Gibson, Iron Gate
  • John Grace, The Hamilton
  • Matthew McQuilkin, Pizzeria Paradiso
  • Margaret Perry, Kyirisan

Employee of the Year

  • Noe Alfaro, Republic
  • Heather Berry, Bar Pilar
  • Joseph Cassis, PassionFish - Bethesda
  • David Perry, Ris
  • David Trezevant, Carmine's

Joan Hisaoka Allied Member of the Year

  • Acme Paper and Supply Co.
  • Coastal Sunbelt Produce
  • DC Brau Brewing Company
  • USI Insurance Services
  • Veritas Law

Favorite Gathering Place of the Year (Public Vote)

  • Brookland’s Finest Bar & Kitchen
  • The Front Porch at Evening Star Café
  • Lauriol Plaza
  • Pearl Dive
  • Petworth Citizen and Reading Room

Upscale Brunch (Public Vote)

  • Convivial
  • Del Campo
  • Marcel's by Robert Wiedmaier
  • The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm
  • The Source by Wolfgang Puck

Casual Brunch (Public Vote)

  • Cava Mezze - Capitol Hill
  • DGS Delicatessen
  • Maketto
  • Republic
  • Sixth Engine

Favorite Fast Bites (Public Vote)

  • Beefsteak
  • Cava Grill
  • Chase the Submarine
  • G by Mike Isabella
  • Taco Bamba

life lately: we're moving + other things

Hi and hello!

So my blog has definitely taken a back seat lately except for the vegan guide which I've given a soft launch, since I was too excited about it to wait. As you guys know, I have a full-time job as a social media manager that has been all-consuming (but in a good way!), and I've been able to do a ton of amazing things for the company. 

And in the meantime, I've been planning a wedding. Well, my wedding with Maxim. I know there are so many people that blog about wedding planning, and I was wondering if you guys want to hear about my planning (i.e. vegan decisions, wedding dresses, having to tell people they're not invited, etc). I've also been working on my skin a ton — ICYMI, you can catch-up on my struggles and how Dr. Dennis Gross helped here (literally not sponsored. just obsessed). 


The big news-ish is that we're moving! We're staying in the Washington D.C. area (for now), but moving to a new building that's more of our vibe. We're doing the move slowly since our leases overlap — and we're using the wiggle room to decide what to bring, what to donate, what to sell, etc. Our new apartment has the kitchen literally in front of the window, so I'm thrilled to have my morning smoothie routine sun-drenched. I literally can not wait to show you guys! 

Oh, and our apartment is dog-friendly so we're researching a ton of shelters in the area to consider where/who to adopt from. I personally love the idea of being a foster dog mom for a year or so to a bunch of different dogs — I've heard that that's one of the best ways that you can help dogs in need. Is that true? What do you guys think? 

Other than that, I promise that I've been working on some amazing content like what it was like to scuba dive for the first time (+ tips if you're terrified of murky water like me!), tips for being vegan while traveling + every day vegan products I use. 

Hope you're all having a fantastic summer! 

xx phoebe // honestly, though 

weekend round-up {july 21-23}

Photo by Brenda Godinez

Just a little plug that on July 29th, I’m hosting a little event with Barcelona Wine Bar called #BrunchLikeABlogger!

We’ll be talking about the food industry, foodie bloggers, how to take amazing food pics + more! If you love food pics, if you want to be a blogger but don’t know where to start, or if you just love BWB and want to come have brunch with a bloggers, click here for more information!

The event has limited seating, so buy your ticket before we sell out.




A D D  T O  Y O U R  C A R T 


N E W S  T O  C A T C H  U P  O N

  • Jim Vance died on Saturday. The loss is tremendous and will be felt all over the DMV. [ Washingtonian

  • This reporter turned Trump into a poet. And I’m dead.

  • Weed is now legal in Uruguary. BUT TBH it’s baaaaaasically been legal for YEARS. [ The Guardian

  • UHM, Despacito is the most streamed song. EVER.

  • A grand, unified theory of avocado toast [ New Yorker ]

  • Not really news, but omg this woman has amazing flying tips and I’m totally going to start the “don’t eat while flying” trick. [ Bloomberg

  • Stranger Things is returning to our hearts, thank god. [ Buzzfeed

  • Sean Spicer quit Trump. And lol, we all know that what we care about most is if Melissa McCarthy will return to SNL. [ WashPo

  • Your Facebook pages can now have groups. [ AdWeek

  • AI already has it’s own language that humans don’t understand. [ Fast Co Design

  • Donald Trump's lies. Visually. [ WashPo ]


L O N G  F O R M  R E A D I N G

  • Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were [ NYTimes ]  
  • The craziness behind R Kelly’s cult [ Buzzfeed


weekend round-up: june 10-11



w h a t  t o  d o


  • Bethesda’s First Fashion Carnival. They'll be shopping + events + a lip reader (?!). It's 100% free so check it out from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Details here. 
  • PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE If you're in DC, you better be heading downtown to help celebrate Pride! EVERYTHING you need to know is here.  And HERE's where you should party during the Pride Parade. 


  • Love Your Body Yoga Festival in Reston Town Center (I'll be there!). Come roll out your mat and find some balance. I've had a week full of spin + runs, so I'll gladly welcome the dedicated mat time. All day. 
  • Equality March for Unity and Pride. It will begin at 10:30 a.m. Get the details on where + road closures here.  
  • Taste of Africa is being hosting in Silver Spring from 12-9 p.m. Details here. 
  • Toki Underground + Astro Doughnuts are collabing to host a pop-up in Toki's space. And I'm definitely going to be there. Details


b l o g g e r  s c e n e

  • Jess gives advice on the very real problem that is dressing for petites [Not Jess Fashion
  • The “Girl’s Night In” founder quit her job  [Medium]
  • One my fave new instagrams to follow right now is Anna Grace Fitness. You have check her out. 
  • Judy went to Mexico, but honestly I'm just obsessed with her blog design. [Vogue Villain]
  • Geneva has the world's best insta in my humble opinion + recently shared her photo editing tips. [Cosmic American]


i n  t h e  k n o w

  • ICYMI: It's about to get REALLY hot. [DCist]
  • Hilariously satrical look at Ivanka Trump’s coffee order [Refinery29]
  • All of the juicy gossip + follow up from the Comey testimony [Vox]
  • So apparently THIS is the reason I’m covered in bug bites when no one else is [Greatist]
  •  YAS the half-up, half-down trend is FINALLLLLY back! [Refinery29]
  • ICYMI: This woman went viral because of how extra her house-warming was. [Buzzfeed]


l o n g - f o r m   

  • THIS is how tech billionaires are transforming the American school system. [NYTimes]
  • Deep dive into Apple’s new campus + The history of giant corporations based in suburbs [Wired]



wine wednesday {ruffino rosé}

So I would actually consider this as more of a rose champagne, but we should also find something to celebrate each day of our live so cheers to that! 

Maxim and I live next to a CVS that supplies a lot of alcohol, and so we often times find ourselves puttering on over in search of a cheap bottle of red or canned rose. We say this and thought we'd try it out as it was a newcomer to the shelves. 

It's bubbly + sweet + goes great with La Croix if you're more of a spritzer-type (shoutout to Kate). Cheers! xx 


Ruffino Sparkling Rose

BOTTLE: Ruffino Sparkling Rose

Origin: Tuscany, Italy 

What is it: Prosecco (Glera) grapes

Where to find it: CVS, Target, Whole Foods, Total Wine & More. 

Price Range: $12-15 

Thoughts: I really loved this wine — like REALLY loved it. It's sweet and bubbly without tasting like carbonated sugar, which is honestly such a really struggle with rose. I tried it with cranberry juice + loved it, too. But for the best possible experience, drink it as a frosé during a picnic in the park with a spread of {vegan} cheese + crackers + grapes. Or on your balcony on a hot evening after work. {p.s. more frosé recipes here}

This bottle is totally my vote to bring to summer lunches when cans aren't going to fly. 


And ICYMI: I'm learning what goes on behind-the-wine each week with the help of Wine: A Tasting Course + The Secrets of Sommeliers

weekend round-up: june 3-4

w h a t  t o  d o

s a t u r d a y

  • hit up the opera at 6:30 (for tickets under $50) here.
  • swap your plants at the 10th annual plant swap. here. 
  • if you're interested in protesting some more, the March For Truth will be going on. 
  • drink up because the vintage virginia wine festival is back all weekend. here
  • Story District returns to 9:30 Club with its sixth annual Pride show. starts at 6 p.m. here. 

s u n d a y  

  • Take a free barre class on the national mall at 9 a.m.   
  • drink up because the vintage virginia wine festival is back all weekend. here.  
  • and earn your wine by running a 5k that morning in Centreville. here.
  • free community day at the washington gallery dedicated to women here. 
  • Taste of Peru is back and tickets are still available. You legit want to swing by if possible. here.

b l o g g e r s

  • My fave NPR-listening, egg-cooking blogger, Meaghan, shares her recipe for sweet potato avocado toast. [ meagseggs ]
  • The Real Food Gypsy talks about her gorgeous, amazing elopement that made me happy cry [ Real Food Gypsy
  • Everyone’s favorite food pornster, Justin, has officially launched on YouTube with cheesy bread. Go check him out + subscribe if you know what’s good for you! [ dcfoodporn
  • Emitaz went on an amazing trip to Ibiza [ emitaz
  • I’m obsessed with palm and so is Sarah from District Damsel [ district damsel ]
  • Sylvia was featured on Great Day Washington [ simply sylvia dc ]
  • Angelica discovered glamping on demand and if you’re not into dirt + ants, but love the outdoors, you’re gong to be in love. [ angelica in the city
  • avoiding summer bloat with [ rrayyme

i n  t h e  k n o w

  • If you're a Washingtonian like me, admit it: Standing in long lines for expensive events is totally a status symbol. [Washingtonian]
  • you gotta laugh to keep from crying with this fact-checking on Trump’s “fuck climate change” speech [ Washington Post ]
  • A burning man exhibition is coming to the Renwick Gallery! [ DCist
  • So THAT’s where Lacroix gets its flavoring from [ wired
  • If you're wondering if President Trump could ACTUALLY stop Comey from testifying, here's a breakdown of "executive priviledge" [ New York Times ]
  • I'm OBSESSED with this post that dives into what a Muslim dietitian eats during the month of Ramadan. [ Buzzfeed

l o n g  f o r m

  • This is what it’s like to be a famous floridian teen who found fame lip syncing on Musica.ly [ad week
  • Just a hilarious look at the relationship betweenthe Dos Equis Man and Obama. [ Politico Magazine

Why you NEED Dr. Dennis Gross in your skincare routine


This is a long one, kids, but I promise you it’s worth it.

TL;DR If you don’t care about how I discovered Dr. Dennis Gross, nbd. Just scroll down, and you’ll be able to see what products from their line I’m using, and how to do an at-home facial

I don't usually talk about makeup or skincare on Honestly, Though. And that's because I don't understand it + I feel so confused by it. Growing up, I had great skin — or rather, I didn't notice the few pimples I got on my forehead and no one made comments. And I wasn't vegan; I ate whatever I wanted + I loved it. When I first went vegan, my skin was still awesome. It was great basically all through high school until my senior year. And even then, my "acne" was a few bumps that were barely noticeable. In college, it was the same. My skin mostly looked fine + I didn't really care if I wasn't wearing makeup. I don't even remember thinking about it. 

But as many of you know, I’ve been majorly dealing with an onslaught of what I legit believed was adult, cystic acne. It began this past winter — with weather being moodier than a teenager entering puberty — and my skin said "enough is enough,' and broke out worse than I ever had in my life.

I had just quit my job out of nowhere + without having a new position in place. So my fiancé and I blamed it on stress, but when I landed a new gig + loved my position, it didn’t go away — it got worse. 

So I got emergency facials, and I tried wearing makeup as infrequently as possible. I already barely eat sugar or fried foods, but I continued trying to cut it all out. I guzzled water as if I was in the desert. But nothing budged. Dark spots across my cheeks, black heads along my nose — everything. 

And as we do when we get breakouts, I packed on the makeup to conceal the redness and blemish. And then I’d wash my face after work to reveal whiteheads screaming at me. I would wash my face and blob on toner and I refused to use any exfoliator or peels after a woman that gave me a $15 facial told me that exfoliation would make me break out. 

BUT, two things changed and my skin is clearing up: I discovered Dr. Dennis Gross + I went to a dermatologist (more on that another time). 

I discovered Dr. Dennis Gross in a such a weird way. I was aggressively tipsy after a Sunday brunch and stumbled into Sephora looking for face masks to accompany my afternoon rosé. A saleswoman was there showing off Dr. Dennis Gross’ pro facial steamer — like, the whole "get a $200 facial at-home" sort of deal. I personally LOVE getting facials for the steam, and every time I’ve been to a steam room at a spa, my face looks 100000x better because case in point: your skin + at-home-steaming were made for each other.


 Why should you

care          about steaming? 


Steaming opens your pores, improves your complexion, improves your skin + is the ideal way to prep your skin for masks, exfoliation, moisturizing, etc. From just a few weeks of steaming, my face feels healthy + looks brighter. 

ANYWAYS, this woman was showing off the steamer and no one was interested in a demo. So obviously I jumped in there like, “make me beautiful, woman.” (side note: you are beautiful without a steamer, I just really love steam). 

The demo was pretty obvious and self-explanatory — fill with water, turn on, steam yo’ self. But I was convinced that I needed one even before I sat in the chair. Many people (including me) will steam with a pot of boiled water and tea leaves and a towel over their head. That's awesome, but the Pro Facial Steamer meant I could take it with me on-the-go and has zero prep/clean-up/hassle.

SIDE NOTE: Men love steaming + peeling too. Maxim and I do it over a glass of wine + Netflix. 

Oh, and did I mention that LITERALLY the week after I started using mine, The blogger behind The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn started loving it and the steamer was literally blowing up (in a good way). 


I bought the steamer and went home right away to take off my makeup + get my steam on. Once you start using it, you’ll NEVER want to stop. Your skin is literally left glowing and happy and I can straight up see HUGE improvements from using it. When I discovered who was behind the brand, though, I inquired: Isn’t Dr. Dennis Gross just a line of harsh chemical peels? 

Dr. Dennis Gross IS famous for their line of daily peels + pads, BUT their company is 100% vegan, a PETA partner, and cruelty-free to my surprise. The husband-wife team began in the early 2000s when peels that didn't require needles + downtown were super out of the norm. 

My dermatologist actually super loves the company too, and gave me a double thumbs up to use their products with the antibiotic I’m taking. Apparently a lot of people that suffer from adult acne have turned to Dr. Dennis Gross and never looked back (me included). 

So I switched to using a LOT of their products both in the morning + before bed and have seriously fallen in love. I threw out basically all of my other face products except for the occasional face mask. I was always scared of peels and "alpha beta" and collagen serums (that sounds like a painful injectable that comes from a horse's bone marrow), but my skin is finally clearing up and looking healthier every day. 

Still reading? Scroll down to discover the products I'm using and why I'm loving them: 


Dr. Dennis Gross Products I SWEAR BY: 

Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisturizer here

What I really love about this moisturize is that it’s oil-free and light. It feels amazing to put on first thing in the morning or before bed. I have combination skin (think: so dry I’m peeling around my mouth + jawline and so greasy I blot multiple times a day on my nose + forehead), so I’m uber cautious about what kind of moisturizers I use on my face. But this one works SO well (like better than my previous face moisturizer, Origins Ginseng!). 

C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum here

It’s no secret whatsoever that Dr. Dennis Gross is OBSESSED with Vitamin C. He recently said that, “ounce for ounce, [Vitamin C] is probably the most powerful anti-aging ingredient there is…because it directly stimulates collagen.” I’m not saying that I already need anti-again, but as you guys know, when you’re in your twenties, it’s ALL about prevention. 

But what I really love about the serum is that it helps to improve hyper pigmentation, dark spots (like from acne scars) and general tone on your face. It’s helped me so much that there are days when I just throw on the serum + moisturizer + SPF and walk out of the door — no makeup necessary. 

There’s something to be said for a product that makes you feel confident naturally. 

Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel • here

This peel (that has no downttime and is safe enough to use DAILY) helps to smooth your skin, improve dark spots + clear your pores. 

I did not know this, but apparently the Alpha Beta Daily Peel is the product that started it all for Dr. Dennis Gross! Carrie, his wife + CEO (#BossBabe), complained to him that the peel should be available at home and to consumers who couldn’t come to NYC for appointments. And that was back in 2002! 

But even after finding that out, I was honestly so nervous about using a daily peel, and tbh, I’m still not at the daily level yet. But that being said, I seriously LOVE it. I was given a few when I bought my steamer to use after my daily steams. It's two pads that are rubbed into your skin one after the other. They're not aggressive at all and I seriously see SUCH a difference in the amount of acne + agitated skin I have. 

And don’t be scared off by the word “chemical.” It’s a v low amount of chemicals and is gentle — and coming from someone with uber sensitive skin, that means something. Just make sure to moisturize after you use the peel. 

Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel here

I like to think of this peel as a "preventative" peel to help with anti-aging. It's a giant pad that is massaged into your face to combat uneven skin texture, wrinkles and signs of aging. Probably twice a week I use this peel post-wash + steam. I’ll pat my face dry, give it a minute, and then use the peel, followed up with moisturizer (seriously, don't skimp on moisturizer). 

Do you use Dr. Dennis Gross? Love them? Let me know your thoughts below. 


step-by-step at-home facial

wash your face • fill your pro facial steamer with distilled water • steam for up to 9 minutes • pat your face dry • use alpha beta peel or ferulic + retinol peel (massage pad into face) • massage 1-2 pumps of c+ collagen serum into face • finish off with moisturizer over entire face + neck. 



intern season: work bag essentials

Babes, intern season is among us, and many of you have told me that YOU are indeed an intern yourselves. If you're interning in Washington, D.C., WELCOME! And if you're in another city: Remember to scope out all of the best happy hours and enjoy yourself. 

When I was interning, I would always freak out about having everything I could need because I was usually going from my internship to happy hours to workouts to a summer course, etc. So I put together a little list of what I always had in my bag as essentials — and what I still carry to this day. Everyone's work bag is a little different, so let me know what's in yours, what you love + what you think is overkill. 


xx phoebe // honestly, though 


« tarte pressed powder mascara + matte lipstick »

I'm a longtime Tarte makeup addict. They're {mostly} vegan, 100% cruelty-free and all-natural. I have wicked sensitive skin, too, and their line has always made my face feel happy instead of irritated. This mascara gets me through any day and helps my lashes look plump + awake without looking too "Friday night" (and hint hint: leave the falsies at home). These lipsticks are also UH-MAZING. I've never, ever found a lip color that actually stays on through Sweetgreen salads and almond lattes. But their quick-drying formula is magical and it's like the only lipstick I'll ever use again. But honestly, though. 

« bobby pins »

Because you never know what's going to happen. I honestly always have a big pack of hair ties + a bobby pin case. They're literally like $3 from CVS or you can DIY it with an old tictac case. 

« reusable water bottle »

I meaaaan, if you don't already have one, you should be buying one ASAP. Plastic water bottles are AWFUL for the environment + there are SO many options for great water bottles that literally fit whatever your lifestyle. Right now, I'm using the Hydy bottle (pictured), and it fits into every cup holder I've come across AND it has a filter that screws in to make drinking easier. 

« Steripod toothbrush protector »

I don't know about you, but I really like brushing my teeth after lunch at work, and I always have my toothbrush with me. It just lets me feel so much cleaner and refreshed (esp. when I'm munching on stuff like kale chips + garlic sauce). But your makeup bag, gym bag, work bag, etc is filled with bacteria. I've seen people (including my man) just throw their toothbrush into their travel bag and be fine with it. So I use the Steripod Protectors because they're small, inexpensive + make taking your toothbrush on-the-go easy. 

P.S. Steripods were developed by doctors and independently tested for efficacy at an accredited lab. They're avail from Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, Amazon + getsteripod.comGet free shipping on your own $9.99 (or more) order of Steripod with code: B14838OZI0I48


« erin condren planner + notebook »

If you guys don't already know, I'm OBSESSED with Erin Condren planners. And I have a matching notebook (palm print for the summer) to keep track of all of my work to-dos, ideas + projects. And it also looks super badass when you show up to your first meeting ready to take notes and ROCK your interview. 

« protein bars »

...Or just snacks in general. I always (and I mean ALWAYS) have snacks on me because when hangry Phoebe strikes, it's game over. I try (keyword: TRY) to look for options that are high in fiber and low in added sugars and/or ones with chia, which will help you stay fuller longer. Good options? 

  • Rx Bars (if you eat eggs) - super protein packed and people across the internet SWEAR by them. 
  • Chia Warrior Bars - Filled with chia seeds to keep you super full. And they have plant-based protein bars
  • Aloha - A startup from NYC that is all about plant-protein + plant-power (woo!). I LOVE their protein bars + their daily greens for smoothies. 
  • Barnana - Probably the least "healthy," but still amazing. All banana-based snacks like these chocolate-covered banana bites that totally "tame" the hangry Phoebs. 

« sneakers »

Especially important if your commute to your internship includes public transportation and walkingI wear heels almost every day, and I ALWAYS have a pair of sneakers with me to slip on. My faves are Baabuk, a Swiss shoe company that recently entered the US market. Their shoes are wool + these have elastic laces that let you ditch socks (making that sneaker to heels transition 100x easier). P.S. If you use code HONESTLYTHOUGH you'll get a discount. 


p.s. Get free shipping on your own $9.99 order of Steripods with code: B14838OZI0I48

** This post is sponsored by Steripod and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Honestly, Though possible! **