honestly though pnmcpherson
photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

Hey, I'm Phoebe. 

  • I'm vegan + have been living that plant-based life for a decade.  
  • During the day, I work on social media and strategy for companies + small businesses. 
  • I'm vegan, but not a wellness warrior. I drink too much red wine, love late-night french fries + live for fried avocado tacos from BarTaco. 
  • I'm absolutely TERRIBLE at trip planning + most of my adventures are spur-of-the-moment ones. 
  • I sweat it out at cycle classes, yoga + the occasional [solidcore] class. 
  • If I'm not drinking red wine, I like chilean pisco sours {hold the egg}.
  • I don't sleep a lot. And no, I don't need more sleep. I sleep somewhere between 4-5 hours on a good night and less when I'm anxious, excited, bored, etc. 
  • #1 question on my blog is about my boyfriend. He's my fiance, and his name is Maxim. We were born on the same day {May 20}. 
  • So yes, that makes me a taurus.
  • I'm shorter than I look.
  • In college, I studied journalism + spanish + cultural anthropology. 


It's something that I say far too often. I have no idea where it came from. I use it to agree with people, make a point, or show my frustration at the end of a rant. Ex."Sheila's so gorgeous today. I can't even with her perfect beach waves." // "honestly, though."